3 Minutes by car - 3 minutes by heli - from aquila retreat

Recording Studios

Got a gig to record? Stay at Aquila and use the famed heliport studios Buderim. Located conveniently close to Aquila Retreat, this world-class recording facility attracts talented recording artists and international record labels.

 29 Crosby Hill Rd Buderim

Direct Booking Fees charged by heliport

Below are Heliport Studios standard rates but they are welcome to Call on 0410 206 232 for a custom quote.

Studio A:

FULL DAY:         800 plus GST ($700 plus GST for 3+ days)
HALF DAY:        $450 plus GST

Studio B:

FULL DAY:                       $600 plus GST
HALF DAY:                       $350 plus GST
VO ONLY(per hour):        $125 plus GST

The latest recording session at Heliport Studios



21 Box Street Buderim QLD 4556