Built in 2001 this extraordinary home was designed by an Indian architect to align with the sun, the moon and the stars, on a site that was chosen by a Geomancer for its ‘spirit of place’ and its ‘environmental equilibrium’. The name Aquila is Latin for ‘Eagle’ and this name was chosen as the home has been specifically aligned with the Aquila star constellation.

Constructed primarily from timber in a circular formation so as to contain and circulate the homes abundant spiritual and environmental energy, Aquila Retreat was the first property in Queensland to be awarded five green stars for its eco-friendly construction and its then outstanding environmental initiatives.

Renovated by its new owner in 2019, Heidi has made a passionate stand to continue with the use of low VOC paints and eco materials. Heidi invites and encourages all guests to regard and to support Aquila’s environmental ethos too.

*Aquila’s Eco Credentials:

  • Solar electricity is stored by battery & usage is kept to a minimum
  • All lighting is low voltage
  • Aquila’s hot tub and all hot water is heated using clean energy - gas
  • Aquila’s swimming pool is chlorine free. A swiss technology ionising device is used to mineralise the water and keep the pool sparkling clean
  • Walls and ceilings are filled with plant fiber and recycled paper insulation
  • Paintwork is non-toxic and low VOC
  • Beds are made from natural breathable fibres
  • Cleaning staff are trained to use Enjo clothes, and natural disinfectants such as tea tree and eucalyptus instead of harsh chemicals
  • Harvested rainwater is filtered and used wherever possible
  • Bottles from events are bottle banked and recycled
  • No single use plastics are used or provided
  • Aquila recommends caterers providing ethical, regional food and slow food practices
  • Bin bags are made from sugar cane
  • Pesticides are forbidden in the garden
  • Guests are encouraged to use more breeze and less air con
  • Non-polluting, Saya eco-luxe toiletries are provided for each guest
  • Aquila provides luxurious super soft 100% recycled toilet paper made from bamboo - wait till you try it!



21 Box Street Buderim QLD 4556