The Aquila Retreat Team is following industry and government guidelines as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Our commitment to you is to ensure that every possible safety measure is in place to protect you and your groups health. We are working hard to minimise the risks so that you can and your guests can enjoy every moment of your stay in our comfortable and luxurious environment.

Because we care so much, we’ve developed the following stringent COVIDsafe management protocols.

Strictly No Quarantining Guests

Whilst nobody really knows just how long coronavirus can live on a surface, we don’t allow those who knowingly have, or have been exposed to the coronavirus, to quarantine at Aquila Retreat.

Digital COVIDsafe pre arrival forms 

An Aquila Retreat COVIDsafe pre-arrival form is required to be completed by ALL guests BEFORE arriving at Aquila Retreat. This form serves as a health-check and a contact tracing form, now mandatory for all accommodation providers. To avoid delays at check-in, group stay organisers are asked to send the link to Aquila’s COVIDsafe pre-arrival form, to each invited guest within their respective group, and responsibly follow up with each person, to ensure this digital form has been submitted BEFORE arriving at Aquila Retreat

Guests are asked to to confirm pre-arrival:

  • that they have not returned to Australia from overseas in the last 14 days
  • they have not had a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or other cold/flu-like symptoms in the last 72 hours and are otherwise well.
  • they have not been in close contact (as defined in the current CDNA guideline (CDNA guideline)) with someone who has COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • they have not previously been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • if guests have been travelling prior to arriving at Aquila Retreat, they are asked to provide details of locations visited and accommodation details for the 14 days’ prior to arriving at Aquila Retreat.


We invite group organisers and guests to responsibly stay at home if feeling even remotely unwell. We also ask our Aquila team to stay home if feeling remotely unwell. If in doubt count yourself out or postpone your stay.

Before arriving download the App

We encourage guests to download the government’s COVIDsafe app ahead of their arrival at Aquila Retreat.

On arrival at Aquila Retreat - TEMPeratures TAKen & HANDWASHING invited

A temperature gun is used to triple check the health of each guest on arrival. Everyone entering and exiting the property is then asked to wash or sanitise their hands. Luxurious hand wash, running water, alcohol-based hand rub, paper towels and cleaning supplies are provided.


Aquila Retreat can commit to a contact-less guest experience if requested, by simply providing our guests with a digital manual to enter and operate the Aquila mansion. Please know however that this is not our preference, as your Aquila experience is based on customer service. We would rather commit to our guests, that our staff, if working, will always be in excellent health. Our staff are trained to keep guests and themselves – COVIDsafe.

Our Staff

Our staff are trained not to come to work if even remotely unwell. Our staff will be given assistance to isolate and be tested immediately if suspected of having the coronavirus. Aquila staff are trained to keep an appropriate physical distance between themselves and our guests.

KEEP Physical distancing DURING YOUR STAY

We’re fortunate to have 1200 SQM of built space and 9.5 acres of lush exterior rainforest at Aquila Retreat. That’s 40 SQM per guest and 10 x the government required amount. None the less we ask guests not to be complacent but to keep a safe physical distance of 1.5 m or 4 SQM apart at all times. We provide signage and floor markers in high traffic zones, to remind guests to continue this and other COVIDsafe practices during their stay.

Even while you sleep

Pillow lines are distanced at 1.5 meters or more apart. Guests not of the same family, who may be sharing a room, are provided with an adequate 4 SQM or more-sleeping zone. Aquila’s beds have the luxury of zipping together and zipping apart to be made up as desired and in a COVIDsafe fashion.


Proper and frequent handwashing helps combat the spread of viruses. We all know cleanliness starts with this one simple act and is of vital importance for the health of our employees and that of our guests. We inspire the desire to wash your hands regularly at Aquila by providing signage as well as super luxurious and decadent Saya hand wash in all 11 bathrooms. Hand Sanitiser is also readily available in all interior and exterior common areas.

How we clean AQUILA  – it’s important

At Aquila Retreat we’ve always been concerned with sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness. Our 5 star reviews tell us that our cleaning team are doing an incredible job!
Aquila’s cleaning team work to comprehensive cleaning check-lists and spend 44 hours cleaning the interior of Aquila Retreat after each guest stay. A further 22 hours is spent cleaning Aquila’s exterior areas.
We use the most stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before our next guests arrive. Special attention is paid to high-touch items. No surface is left uncleaned.
Here are some of the things our cleaning team do at Aquila to keep every guest and every group safe:
  • We use an ozone sterilisation cube to sterilise every room between each guest stay
  • We wipe with disinfectant every surface. Every light switch, remote control, door handle, fridge handle, tap and cabinet handle, in every room, are all wiped and sterilised between each guest stay.
  • Aquila’s sheets are 90-degree hygiene washed between each guest stay
  • Our staff are given training, as well as additional time to clean, because we really care.

Additional housekeeping service available to guests

Aquila offers an additional housekeeping service at $30 per hour for guests who would like additional cleaning during their stay.

In the event of a guest becoming unwell

If a suspected case of COVID-19 does occur whilst guests are in residence, Aquila has an isolation space independent of the main house and other guests, where the unwell guest can be contained comfortably until medical advice is given. This space will be set with a comfortable bed, contains block out blinds, private bathroom & laundry facilities, and a kitchenette. Food and meals will be taken to the isolating guest. Help in accessing medical assistance will be provided and you will be well looked after by our team.

Were always monitoring the situation

Aquila monitors the daily guidance being issued by our State and Federal governments and local authorities. We continue to educate and update our team accordingly.


COVID-19 has been beyond challenging for our small boutique business. We do not offer refunds of any amount paid if you do not proceed with your stay. The only way our business can continue to remain open is to have a strict no refund policy in place and and a strict postponement policy in place. We hope that you can understand our position and we thank you in advance for your support.

Should Queensland go into a stage 4 lockdown (as has been the case in Victoria) or should you the group organiser become unwell with Coronavirus in the 6 weeks leading up to your stay, we  offer the opportunity to postpone your booking to a future date.  A medical certificate would be requested. A family member not being able to cross the Queensland border is not an allowable reason to postpone your stay. Zoom, Facetime, Skype and other technology platforms can be used to include a person unable to attend.

Postponements are assessed on a case by case basis and if they do occur these should be arranged within a 12 month period where possible. Bookings can be ‘hovered’ until you are certain of the new date you would like to stay. We can transfer your booking to another person or business on request.

Should you have any questions or need clarification on any of the points above, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are deeply appreciative of your on-going support of our beautiful property and we look forward to welcoming you – COVIDsafely.

Your Aquila Retreat Team 


Please fill out the form on our contact page and we will be in touch with everything you need to know about Aquila Boho-luxe Retreat & our neighbouring property Malumba Hamptons Estate, our contact number will be included at the bottom of the email if you still have any questions.


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